Historic Homes & Newark Mansions

Home Built/Demolished Address
Alling House ~1800 Broad Street opposite William Street
Baldwin House ?/1903 Mulberry & Lafayette Streets
Ballantine Mansion ?/Still Stands 43 Washington Street

Bird House

  Sylvan Avenue
Boudinot Mansion ?/1913 74 Park Place
Camp Homestead   Broad & Camp Streets
Clark Mansion ?/Still Stands 346 Mt. Prospect Avenue
Cockloft Hall   Gouverneur Street, Mt. Pleasant Avenue, Ogden Street
Coe Home ?/Still Stands 698 High Street
Decator House   Park Place
Dent Home   Lincoln & Verona Avenues
Dodd Home   Doddtown (?)
Feigenspan Mansion ?/Still Stands 710 High Street
Feigenspan Mansion ?/Still Stands 53 Lincoln Place
Fewsmith Home 1850's/Still Stands 47 Central Avenue
Fisher Homestead   Elizabeth & Meeker Avenues
Frelinghuysen Mansion   18 Park Place
Herbert, William Henry (The Cedars)   Herbert Place
Johnson's Mill ~1680/ Along Bound Creek
Kearny, Phillip Homestead   Belleville (Broadway) & Fourth Avenues
Krueger Mansion ?/Still Stands 601 High Street
Lindsley, Lydia House   Vailsburg
Meeker Homestead 1674/1913 Pot Pie Lane
(Renner Avenue)
Murphy, Franklin House   1027 Broad Street
Ogden, John House   High Street & Springfield Avenue
Osborne House ?/1906 Broad & Chestnut Streets
Parker, Cortlandt Homestead ?/1911 Broad & Fulton Streets
(Razed for Shubert Theatre)
The Parsonage 1735/1835 William & Broad Streets (off site)
Philips Farm House   Woodside
Plum Mansion   600 High Street
Plume House 1710/Still Stands 407 Broad Street
Polhemus House 1859/~2010 65 Washington Street
Rankin Homestead ?/~1930 Behind Court House (High Street)
Schuyler Mansion    
Sydenham Home 1710/Still Stands Old Road to Bloomfield
Symington House 1808/Still Stands 2 Park Place
Marcus L. Ward   49 Washington Street
Wright Mansion 1800's 22 Park Place