Baseball Fields & Stadiums

(including multipurpose stadiums)

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Alpha Oval  
Ann Street Grounds Ann Street
Annex Oval  

Ashland Oval

East Orange

Asylum Oval

South Orange Avenue & 12th Street

Athletic Park

South Orange Avenue & Boylan Street, Vailsburg

Avenue C Baseball Grounds

Avenue C between Harper & Parkhurst Streets

Avon Oval


Ballantine Oval


Bartel's Athletic Grounds

South Orange Avenue & Boylan Street, Vailsburg

Bears Stadium (old)

258 Wilson Avenue, (Hamburg Place by Avenue L)

Boylan Street Oval

Boylan Street

Branch Brook Park

Branch Brook Park

Brighten Oval

East Orange

Broncher's Oval

Brookside Oval  
Bruen Oval  

Butterworth Judson

Celluloid Oval  
Central Avenue & 15th Street Central Avenue & 15th Street

City Field

Westinghouse grounds

Clark's Oval

East Newark

Clinton Place

near Hawthorne Avenue

Columbia Oval

Forrest Hill

Cooper's Oval

Van Buren Street
Crabb's Oval  
Crag's Oval  
Crystal Oval Grove Street

Davids Stadium

258 Wilson Avenue, (Hamburg Place by Avenue L)

Dominincan Oval


East Orange Oval

East Orange

Electric Park

South Orange Avenue, Vailsburg

Elizabeth Avenue Grounds

Elizabeth Avenue

Elmwood Oval

East Orange
Essex A. C. Grounds Tichenor & Pacific Streets (Pacific Oval)
Essex Oval Little & Cortland Streets, Belleville)
Eureka Ball Grounds A plot of land bounded by High, Mercer, West & Court Streets & Scribers Lane (College Place)
Fairmount Oval  
Ferry & Adams Street Ferry & Adams Street (Eurekas)

Feurbach Oval


Fifth Street & Third Avenue

Fifth Street & Third Avenue
Grove Street Oval City of Orange
Gun Club Oval  
Hallow Grounds  
Hamburg Place Hamburg Place next to Hensler's (Amatuer Club)
Harrigan Oval  
Harrison Field City of Harrison
Hawkins Street Oval Hawkins Street
Hawthorne Avenue & Hobson Street Grounds Hawthorne Avenue & Hobson Street
Heidelberg Park Maplewood
Hensler Oval  
Hillside Avenue & Runyon Street Hillside Avenue & Runyon Street
Hilton Oval  
Hyatt Field City of Harrison
Ironbound Oval  
Ironside Grounds  
Jackson Oval  
Johnson's Oval Magazine Street, Ironbound
Kielinlg Oval  
Kinney Street Oval Kinney Street
Knox Oval Kearny
Licorice Oval Bloomfield Avenue & Third Street
Lincoln Grounds  
Lindsley Oval  
Lyons Avenue Grounds Lyons Avenue, Irvington
Maine Street Ova  
Manhattan Oval  
Meadowbrook Oval Runyon  Street
Meadowbrook Oval Unknown
Meadowbrook Oval/Field 699-719 South Orange Avenue
Mercer & West Streets Mercer & West Streets (Newark Baseball Club
Montgomery Oval  
Motordrome Oval Fifteenth Avenue between Munn Avenue & Divine Street (today - Vailsburg Park)
Mulberry Street Penn RR & Thomas Streets (Adriatics & Eurekas)
Munn Avenue Grounds Munn Avenue
Neuscheler's Oval Hawkins & Horatio Streets
Newark Giants NJRR Avenue & Hunter Street
Newark Stadium 258 Wilson Avenue, (Hamburg Place by Avenue L)
Nye Tract Clinton Place
Olympic Park Irvington
Outlaw Oval  
Pacific Oval South & Pacific Streets, Ironbound
Paramount Oval  
Park Oval Union & Lyons Avenue, Irvington
Park/Fifth Avenue Park/Fifth Avenue
Parkview Oval

Badger & Hawthorne Avenues

Parkway Oval


Prospect Oval

Forrest Hill

Riordan Oval


Riverfront Stadium Broad Street
Riverside Oval Kearny
Roseville Oval First & Dickerson Streets (Sussex Avenue)
Ruppert Stadium 258 Wilson Avenue, (Hamburg Place by Avenue L)
Seneca Oval  
Shellback Oval  
Shooting Park Vailsburg, Professional Team
Sixteenth Avenue & South Seventh Street  
Sixteenth Avenue & South Twentieth Street  
South End Oval  
South Park Street Grounds Lincoln Park (Adriatics)
South Side High Oval South Side High School
South Side Oval Elizabeth & Hawthorne Avenues
Speedway Oval  
Stuyvesant Avenue Oval Irvington
Summer Oval Lafayette Street & NJRR Avenue
Thomas & Dawson Streets Oval Thomas & Dawson Streets
Tichenor Lane Baseball Grounds Tichenor Lane between Wright & Miller Streets
Tiger Oval Lyons & Union Avenues
Tiger Oval South Orange Avenue & Boylan Street
Tremont Oval  
Trowbridge Ova  
Vailsburg Oval South Orange & Munn Avenues
Velodrome Oval South Orange Avenue
Vernon Oval Forest Hill
Walnut & Murray Streets Walnut & Murray Streets
Waverley Oval  
Weequahic Park Weequahic Park
Wenzel Oval  
West End Oval  
West Side Oval  
Wiedenmayer's Park 258 Wilson Avenue, (Hamburg Place by Avenue L)
Willows' Grounds Third Street & Bloomfield Avenue
Windsor Oval  
Woodside Oval  
Wright Street Wright Street, Tichenor Lane & Miller Street