Prudential Apartments (Chellis Austin)(Aspen River Park)

Raymond Blvd, Oxford, Lexington Streets & Fleming Avenue


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From Gary Quien:

"I grew up in The Pru from 1942 to 1960, when the courtyard lawns were grassy and green, plenty of ivy softened the brick walls, and all the grounds and the buildings were well--maintained. The place was full of kids, and a feeling of community prevailed.

From the outside, when it was under construction, the fortress-like appearance of the The Pru might have been unwelcome to the neighbor-hood of light manufacturing and two- and three-family homes (a number of which were demolished to make way for the project).

But from the inside it felt protected and insular, and the layout of the place gave the 400+ families within a welcome sense of security; it was like a little village, and many lasting friendships were formed there."