Stephen Crane Village

1 Stephan Crane Plaza
(Franklin Ave. & N. 6th Street)


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750 units built for a cost of $12,000,000, roughly $16,000 per unit.

From a Public Housing pamphlet written around the time of completion of the project.

The Stephen Crane Village was opened for occupancy in January, 1941 and was fully occupied by April of that year.  The project was erected on vacant land on the outer fringe of the city.  At the time of its opening it was located in the Eighth Ward and the average monthly rent was about $8 higher than the average for the city and about $18 higher than the average for the Third and Fifteenth Wards.  The original tenants were in the low income category and were removed from substandard housing throughout the city.  The project contains 354 families and about 1,311 people.  Almost half of the project consists of persons under the age of 15.  The greatest percentage of persons living here are of Italian descent.

From Bob Scucci:

One of the oldest government housing projects in Newark N J. Once the home of Frankie Valli (Castellucci), and even today the home of some of the first families that occupied Stephen Crane Village from 65 years ago