Hyatt Court Branch Library


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From Tom Murphy:

The Hyatt Court branch of the Library took up a section of the basement area of one of the apartment buildings, and had its own entrance. It was probably the smallest branch, both in floor space and in the size of its collection, but it was much closer than the Van Buren branch for a six-year-old living on Vincent street. I only had one street to cross (Horatio St).

When the city decided to supply other neighborhoods that were too far from the nearest branch by inaugurating the bookmobile experience, the Hyatt Court Branch's collection became the bookmobile's collection, and the Hyatt Court branch closed down. I could still borrow the books, but only on Fridays, when the bookmobile visited St. Aloysius school, or occasional Tuesdays after school, when I could sometimes catch it before it left Hawkins Street.

The Hyatt Court space remained in the City's control, and when the polio vaccines became available, it became a clinic for distributing them. First the Salk hypodermic and later the Sabin sugar cubes, Sabin I, Sabin III, and Sabin II.