East Side Bathhouse/
Wilson Avenue Bathhouse

Paterson Street between Alyea Street & Wilson Avenue


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Newspaper Articles

November 8, 1914 - Bathhouse on the East Side

From Facebook:

Bernadette Jusinski: It's unfortunate that these bath houses were demolished. Cities need this service again, and the indoor pools allowed for a place to swim in the winter without joining an expensive club.

Bob Cosentino: My father told me about this place. They didn't have running water in his house and they would have to go their to take showers.

Carolyn Everitt: My dad used a bathhouse...they only had a toilet and kitchen sink in their cold water 3rd floor flat on Sherman Ave.

Elizabeth Reeves: I lived at 83 Wilson ave in 1956 and even then the building was a cold water flat with a toilet and a kitchen sink. We used the bathhouse across the street which had a really nice indoor pool as well.

Debbie Rogiewicz: I use to swim at the bath house pool at Wilson Ave.

Bob Coletta: When I lived on Highland Ave we didn't have a tub....my parents went to their cousins across the street ....my mom would bath me in the kitchen using the kitchen sink....I was 7 yrs old. fyi...I'm 74

Barbara Sabatino Ward: The older folks mentioned these showers.

John Kelleher: We lived in a cold water flat. We would heat the water in pots on the stove. A long process on a wood or kerosene cast iron stove. In the winter the porcelain bath tub was so cold that the hot water would turn cold as soon as the water would hit the tub.