City Hall (New)

920 Broad Street

Opened December 20, 1906


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Design for new City Hall, Newark, NJ

Newsapaper Articles:

February 18, 1906 - Large Bronze Medallion to be Set in Floor of New City Hall Rotunda
June 24, 1906 - Work on City Hall Nearly Finished, Building to be Opened in Early Fall
August 19, 1906 - City Hall Decoration Practically Complete, Installation of Furniture is Barely Begun
September 23, 1906 - Public Service Voltage Too Great for Insurance

Erected in 1903-1906 at a cost of $1,250,000 for the building.

The Corner Stone was laid on August 5, 1903 and the Opening Exercises were on December 20,1906.

From "Newark, the City of Industry" Published by the Newark Board of Trade 1912:

It is an imposing granite and white marble structure, surmounted by a huge dome. Its four floors, basement and sub-basement are occupied by the mayor and other city officials and departments.

Constructed in modern Renaissance style, according to the plans of J. H. and Wilson Ely, the building has a frontage of 250 feet and a depth of 150 feet. Including the site and the furnishings it cost $2,250,000.

The money for the construction of the building was raised by issuing bonds for $1,500,00 and by the sale of various properties owned by the city and not in actual use. The interior of the building is fine throughout. Its most striking feature is the marble rotunda and vestibule. These are of fine Italian marble, which cost about $100,000. In the decorations of the interior of the dome, high above the rotunda, about $3,000 worth of gold leaf was used. The chief ornamental feature of the rotunda is a grand, marble staircase, gracefully running up on either side from the entrance to the floor above.

The sub-basement of the building is given up to machinery and heating apparatus. The basement is occupied by Police Headquarters, the Poor and Alms Department, the Superintendent of Public Works and other city officials and departments. On the first floor are the offices of the Comptroller, Auditor, Tax Receiver and other municipal officers, and on the second floor are the offices of the Mayor, the Common Council meeting room, the Board of Works, the Law Department, committee rooms, etc. The Fire Department, the Board of Education, the City Engineer, the City Accountant, the Assessment Commission, and other officials and departments are located on the third floor, and on the fourth floor, in addition to a few offices, there is a fine Document room.