Schoolmen's Club Plaques

William R. Smith:

To inspire the future with a record of the accomplishment of the past, the Schoolmen's Club assisted by the pupils of the Newark Public Schools has, since 1911, celebrated "Newark Day" each year by placing in certain prominent or hallowed locations tablets of enduring bronze commemorating significant events and outstanding personages in the rich history of our city, the "town on the Pesayack" founded in 1666. As a further contribution to our aim that the children of Newark like the Athenian youth shall leave our city not only not less but greater and better than it was transmitted to them, we have prepared this book of reference to the historical data commemorated by the tablets. We trust it will encourage further knowledge and love of Newark.

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John Catlin (1911)
National Newark &
Essex Bank Building
Robert Treat (1912)
Kinney Building
First Meeting House (1913)
Branford Place near Broad Street
Revolutionary War (1914)
Prudential Building, facing Broad Street
Moses Combs (1915)
Kirch Building
77 Market Street
Lincoln (1916)
Lackawanna Freight Yards, facing Broad Street
Newark's Soldiers (1917)
City Hall Steps
Liberty Pole (1918)
Southern end of Military Park
Women in War (1919)
City Hall Steps
First High School (1920)
Barringer High School Auditorium
Stephen Crane (1921)
Public Library, Main Building
Old Stone School House (1924)
Newark Museum Garden
Seth Boyden (1926)
Washington Park
William Burnet (1926)
Salaam Temple, Mosque Theatre Building
Jasper Crane (1927)
St. Paul's Church, High & Market Streets
Founders of Newark (1928)
First Presbyterian Church, Broad Street
John Cotton Dana (1930)
Rotunda, Main Building of the Public Library
Washington's Retreat Across NJ (1932)
Washington Park
Samuel A. Ward (1934)
Grace Church, Broad & Walnut Streets
Frank J. Urquhart (1935)
Sunday Call Building, Halsey Street
Development of Public Education (1936)
Board of Ed Building, Green Street
Joseph E. Haynes (1937)
Morton Street School
Dr. Edward Weston (1938)
Newark College of Engineering
150th Anniversary of the Ratification of the Constitution (1939)
Court House
Dr. Addison B. Poland (1940)
Central Commercial & Technical High School
Marcus L. Ward (1941)
Museum Garden Wall