Sister Mary Monica Savage, R.S.M.

(May 15, 1860 - August 24, 1945)


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Sister Mary Monica Savage, R.S.M.

Secular Name: Alice Savage
Home Address: 184 West End Ave., Newark, New Jersey
Date of Birth: May 15, 1870
Place of Birth: Newark, New Jersey
Date of Baptism: June 12, 1870
Place of Baptism: “ “ “
Father’s Name: Nicholas Savage
Place of Birth: Donegal, County Louth Ireland
Mother’s Maiden Name: Mary Ward
Place of Birth: “ “
Date of Entrance: April 23, 1892
Novitiate: Sacred Heart, Oklahoma Territory
Date of Reception: January 1, 1893
Date of Perpetual Vows: Nov. 12, 1896 at Sacred Heart, Oklahoma
Date of Death: August 24, 1945 (This was 22 days after her sibling, Sr. Mary Joachim Savage, R.S.M. celebrated her Golden Jubilee)
The cause of death was Tuberculosis.

See Sr. Mary Joachim for description of Reception Ceremony.


The bells for the celebration of the golden jubilee of Sr. M. Joachim Savage, R.S.M., Were hardly silenced when the toll of the passing bell announced that her sister, Sr. Mary Monica Savage, R.S.M., had been called to her eternal reward. Death came to Sister M. Monica, quietly and suddenly. Shortly after the evening angelus on August 24, 1945, the infirmarian found her. She had gone from hours of earthly vigil before the throne of the master in the chapel of Mount St. Mary Academy,Oklahoma City, OK, to the everlasting Presence of Him Whom she had been adoring. For four years previous to her death, she had been in failing health, but she continued to attend all of the religious exercises. The greater part of Sister Mary Monica’s religious life was spent at St. Mary Academy, Sacred Heart, Oklahoma. Quiet and unassuming, Sister was noted for her charity and her prayerful life. In his sermon at the Requiem Mass which was celebrated by Rev. Edward Soler, O.C.D., Rev. P.I. Wilwerding, chaplain to Mount St. Mary Academy, in speaking of Sister Mary Monica used the text, “I must be about My Father’s business,” which was so appropriate to her life of obedience and submission to God’s Will. Father Wilwerding told of her great desire to be of help to the Indians, and of the zeal with which she carried on her work at Sacred Heart, Krebs, Shawnee, and Ardmore. He mentioned his gratitude at being allowed to minister to her during her declining years and to share in the inspiration which she gave to all who came in contact with her.



1896-1900 Sacred Heart, OK St. Mary Academy Domestic Duties
1901-1905 Krebs, OK St. Joseph School Cook
1906-1908 Sacred Heart, OK St. Mary Academy Cook
1909-1911 Ardmore, OK   Domestic Duties
1912-1914 Shawnee, OK Convent of Mercy Domestic Duties
1915-1918 Sacred Heart, OK St. Mary Academy Domestic Duties
1919-1923 Krebs, OK St. Joseph School Domestic Duties
1924-1932 Sacred Heart, OK St. Mary Academy Domestic Duties
1932-1940 Sacred Heart, OK St. Mary Academy Chapel, etc.
1940-1945 Oklahoma City, OK Mount St. Mary Academy Off Duty

Relatives of Sr. Mary Joachim and Sr. Mary Monica as of October 1941 were:

Mrs. W. B. Cobb
120 Oakland Terrace
Newark, NJ.
% Mrs. L.M. Leighton

The degree of relationship is not indicated on the Sisters of Mercy Archives Record.

Indian Tribes sending children to St. Mary Academy at Sacred Heart , Indian Territory
- Pottawatomie Morris Reference 1947

- Chickasaw

- Seminole

Indian Tribes sending children to St. Agnes Academy at Ardmore, OK (Morris 1947)

- Chickasaw

- Choctaw

- Seminole

It is anticipated that Indian children were enrolled in all schools in Oklahoma. It is also possible that children from other tribes were enrolled.