Captain Nathaniel Camp



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From Official Guide & Manual of the 250th Anniversary Celebration 1916:

The residence of Captain Nathaniel Camp before and during the Revolutionary War, stood at Broad and Camp Streets, near site of projected 250th Anniversary Memorial Building.  Washington was entertained there several times when he visited Newark during the encampments at Morristown

From A History of the City of Newark, New Jersey:

Captain Nathaniel Camp presented George Washington with the cannon that now bears the name of "Old Nat" and which stands among the other antiquated ordnance on the lawn at Washington's Headquarters in Morristown.  Capt. Camp was an officer in an artillery company, but just what service he rendered is not known.  He was very properly proud of the fact that he had the honor of entertaining Washington in his own home at Camp and Broad Streets and long after the war used to show people the buttonwood tree in front of his home, to which the General tied his horse.  He even remembered that Washington ate the ham and eggs offered him on the occasion of one visit, with great relish.  The very chair the distinguished guest occupied is still preserved.