Charles Frank Bazata



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Charles Frank Bazata was born in New York City in 1879 to immigrant parents from Bohemia. His father, who was a cigar worker, died from Asthma when Charles was only eight years old. The combined efforts of his older brothers and sisters supported the family through the cigar making industry. Not only did Charles's older brother, Benjamin attend college and become ordained as a Presbyterian minister, but young Charles followed in his footsteps; traveling to California to attend the University of Southern California at Occidental.

He returned to get his degree in Theological Studies at Princeton. After marrying Alma Aigeltinger (of Newark), he accepted his first post in Wrightsville, Pa., where their three children where born. He took his family by train and boat to California, where he preached in San Francisco until his wife talked him into returning East to Newark.

He preached in Newark for more than thirty years, until he retired in 1944. His first pastorate in Newark was the Sixth Presbyterian Church. He served there until 1940 when the congregation merged with the High Street Presbyterian Church to form a branch of Old First Church. He preached at Old First until his later years, serving as Associate Pastor until he retired due to ill health.

Besides being elected Southern California's Athlete of the Year in 1903, he was elected Moderator of the Newark Presbytery in 1920. He served twice as Commissioner to the Presbyterian General Assembly. He died at his home at 55 Nairn Place on September 30,1951.