Point House


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Point House stood somewhere around where Herbert Place and Riverside Avenue come together. The house was built in the 1700's and has a colorful past. At one time is was a resort for area fishermen who stayed there. A wife of one of the fishermen was so mad at his stay there that she snuck into the kitchen and placed a bag of black powder down the chimney which promptly blew up part of the chimney and the pot of chowder which was on the stove. The wife escaped scrutiny when the indecent was blamed on Moll DeGrow, who was known as a witch. Silk handkerchiefs were the next business in the house followed by the manufacture of fireworks. The fireworks factory would occasionally blow up causing the neighbor to purchase the house from the then owners. The building then became a tavern and root beer was made there. One day a keg was placed on the bar and promptly exploded covering the patrons in sassafras and wintergreen.