City Dock


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From: History of Newark New Jersey, 1913

On the river bank, at Bridge Street, as it now is, directly east of the head of the Market Place, they set aside a plot, known as the boatman's Lot, where the settler who looked after the meager traffic and transportation of the town's goods was to live and to his business and which was within easy distance of what was at first intended to bye the town's business centre, the Market Place. It was reached by a lane from Broad Street and was never more than a cart path until the first bridge was built, in 1792.

A Seaman's Lot was also set apart and it took up a goodly portion of the river front from what is now Centre Street to where the Pennsylvania main line tracks cross the river. The difference between the Boatman's and the Seaman's lots has not been adequately explained. The former passed out of the town's possession when the boatman was selected, and as for the Seaman's lot, nothing remains of it in the hands of the community except a small portion known as the City Dock